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Friday, December 31, 2010

L'anno nuovo comincia il 1 gennaio:

Felice Anno Nuovo a tutti!

This is really not my thing, I don't like to make resolutions because rather than feeling like attainable goals, they have a way of turning into lists of regret and unfinished business. Little ghost lists that haunt you until the next year rolls around. But for the sake of growing up, for the sake of pretending to be an adult, I thought I should jot down some ideas (notice how if you call them ideas and not resolutions, they can't come back and bite you in the ass)

1. Firstly, I'd like to pay off my credit card--or if not pay it off, at least stop contributing to my debt by buying more boots.
2. Secondly, I would like to slow down--when I eat, when I drink, when I drive, when I meet someone and when I think.
3. Thirdly, I would like to let go of the feelings that I had for Russ and make room in my mind for somebody new.

Maybe last year I slept with people I shouldn't have, or yelled at people I could have been kinder to, or made promises I couldn't keep, or had cookie dough for dinner, or felt melancholy for no reason at all. But I also worked with some really sweet kids, and landed a new job, and settled down on my own, and bought a new car and made some good friends.

The great thing about being 24 and not 64 is that there are so many ups and downs, everything is so uncertain that in the blink of an eye you might be very far off from where you first began.

The above list is nice but really all I hope to do in 2011 is be a good person, the kind of person that makes my parents point me out in a crowd.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Neko Case:

Sometimes I wish I could just crawl into her songs. Her voice is like a thick piece of cotton I wish I could lay my head on. Neko at The Rialto remains one of my favorite shows ever.