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Thursday, May 30, 2013

The weed killer is killing me:

This morning at work I was talking to a co-worker in the shop and I thought "hmmm, his cologne smells kind of sickeningly sweet." A few minutes later my boss yelled down the hall, "do you guys smell that?!?"

Mental thought: Is said co-worker's cologne that strong??

Fast forward 2 seconds--we all spy out the front window an industrial sized vat of weed killer being sprayed all over the street in front of our building.

Fast forward 2 more seconds--the quiet grip of nausea begins to take hold and soon all 50 employees are headache-y and vom-y.

Conclusion--I'm slowly dying and nobody at work seems to be leaving so I guess I'll just die.

Artistic rendering of my life right now

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hey, this is what's been happening!

Hey remember when I said one of my travel dreams was to visit Paris (you're welcome for wiki linking you--now you can read tiny text for hours about one topic) this year? Well I'm doing it, me and my best friend booked a flight to Paris for late July. I see lots of red lipstick and "oui oui" in my near future.

This is said best friend with great bangs in the middle

Hey remember when I said I was really happy because I met somebody that I love, who makes me laugh and feel special? Well I am. He's the best. Really, the best.

This is just a little something boyfriend and I whipped up

This is boyfriend's roomate's dog, confusing? Sitting (where he is not supposed to be) on the couch
Just a couple of dudes (Maru and boyfriend) in pajamas

This is boyfriend and I (sitting where we are allowed to) on the couch

This is a good Memorial Day weekend (re: 4 day weekend for me because I don't work Fridays). Lots of dranks and hanging with friends. Also Sunday night Tim and I have a rezzie at Searsucker for Arizona Restaurant Week (I plan on wearing a dress with lots of room because I also plan on eating my weight in bacon and dessert). 

Until next time.....