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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Do you ever?

Do you ever have those weeks where you are so supremely lazy that it takes all of your effort to put clean sheets on the bed or to download "Marshmallow World" by Dean Martin onto your iTunes?

I have however finished 75% of my Christmas shopping so yay for stimulating the economy!

Made a stew this weekend, finished some statistics homework, and called in sick to work (not actually sick). Sometimes I wonder when I will turn into an actual adult.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Lesson Learned:

Lesson Learned: Just because my cat is cute doesn't mean she should eat 9 treats vs. 1. Cat barf all over my bed.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

29 Days to 25:

Dear World,

In about on month I will turn 25. So, I guess this means I should be having an actual quarter-life-crisis. I remember last year, writing about turning another year older and not really feeling any different at all. Same apartment. Same job. Same cat. I keep measuring my life in the steps that I take--what kind of raise did I get, how far along am I in my masters, how many new dates have I been on? I keep thinking that once I accomplish this or that I will feel fulfilled, I will feel like an adult. The thing is, these steps are not all-telling. It's not as if once I arrive in New York City, a newbie ready to call those dirty streets home, I will immediately keel over and die a blissful death. Life does not stop because you get part of what you've always wanted, life does not stop when you get all you ever wanted, life keeps going. 25 will come whether I will it to or not. The important thing is not to get caught up in the steps, good things will happen as bad things invariably happen too. Eat some cheese, drink some wine. Enjoy what is in front of you, stay excited for what's to come.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Farfalle al limone

Last night I made a new pasta recipe, Farfalle al limone. I was hurting to be in Italy so bad as I dumped the pasta into the salted water. But I was proud of myself because I had to remember the verb for "to boil" and "to cut" as I flipped through my Italian cookbook looking for a good sauce to use. It all came back to me and I sat on my countertop reading the words out loud, just to hear how the ups and downs would sound off my tongue again.

2 fresh lemons
1/2 cup of heavy cream
onion salt
farfalle pasta

The thing about cooking and not baking is that you can be creative, you can add a pinch and not an exact measurement. Simply melt the butter and lemon juice together, add cream and basil, add onion salt, stir well. Cook pasta. Drain pasta, reserve some pasta water. Pour sauce over pasta and enjoy! I enjoyed it.

There is a reason Italian food is so delicious, the ingredients are simple, the process is simple. You are meant to cook and relax not cook and stress. Up next, penne all'arrabbiata.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

All The More:

Attention is a funny thing. Whether you're giving it or getting it or craving it, it never seems to be exactly what you want. It is shallow and so your emotions are shallow. We can't be blamed for this. We're only human. We only want somebody to know us, or to pretend to know us, or pretend to want to know us.

You can only be lonely for so long before you want somebody to ask you how your day was and who your favorite band is. We all want to be spooned eventually.

We're made to feel badly about wanting it, attention that is. And it makes us want it all the more.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

This Is How I Like to Spend My Saturdays:

I feel so good, I've gotten back into running and hiking more often and it feels great! Luckily it was just me and a bottle of wine last night and not me and 5 shots and dancing until I can't move. It's always easier to exercise the next morning when I've been a wino and not a party animal...

Monday, January 3, 2011

Tonight I ate like an adult:

I've taken a cue from Amanda over at "Lullabies to Terrorize" (her blog can be seen here and have begun to do a 30 day challenge for myself in honor of new beginnings. Essentially the idea is to do something full on, with passion, for 30 days, that you've not been doing in your past life.

For me this means cooking healthy, unique dinners. I really like to cook but us single-tons have a way of heating up a Lean Cuisine and making it look appetizing. This ends today.

Day 1:
I've challenged myself to cook dinners at home during the work week. Tonight I had my best friend over for a little movie/wine/dinner marathon. I made chicken in a creamy chive sauce with broccoli and red potatoes.....and wine.

The recipe can be viewed here at

Come se dice in Italiano..."Buon Appetito!"

Saturday, January 1, 2011

I'm going to do good things for myself this year:

Making out with a total stranger on the dance floor last night was not my finest hour. Now I can put that kiss and the rest of last year behind me. Bring it on 2011, I'm going to do good things for myself this year.