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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Farfalle al limone

Last night I made a new pasta recipe, Farfalle al limone. I was hurting to be in Italy so bad as I dumped the pasta into the salted water. But I was proud of myself because I had to remember the verb for "to boil" and "to cut" as I flipped through my Italian cookbook looking for a good sauce to use. It all came back to me and I sat on my countertop reading the words out loud, just to hear how the ups and downs would sound off my tongue again.

2 fresh lemons
1/2 cup of heavy cream
onion salt
farfalle pasta

The thing about cooking and not baking is that you can be creative, you can add a pinch and not an exact measurement. Simply melt the butter and lemon juice together, add cream and basil, add onion salt, stir well. Cook pasta. Drain pasta, reserve some pasta water. Pour sauce over pasta and enjoy! I enjoyed it.

There is a reason Italian food is so delicious, the ingredients are simple, the process is simple. You are meant to cook and relax not cook and stress. Up next, penne all'arrabbiata.